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1/2 Schoolie Sponsorship - Feed & Hay - $150/month
1/2 Schoolie Sponsorship - Bedding & Farrier - $150/month
Voluntary donation

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Fancy was actually the first pony ever bought by Parish Ridge Stables when we opened.  Though Fancy is incredibly cute, he is a pony who really teaches a lot of different lessons to young riders and has been the reason behind many of our students successes!  Now, this pony has many fans as he is a camp favourite in costume contests, has the cutest knees, and is the bravest little guy out there:)

THANK YOU !! Sydney Feagan for Sponsoring Fancy in April:)

THANK YOU !! Sarah Pascoe for Sponsoring Fancy in May:)

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Sunny is the most requested school pony in the barn!!   I personally call him "Blue eyes"  as he has the most beautiful blue eyes.  

Sunny has won numerous Championships on the Challenge Circuit and Trillium Circuit with many of our young riders.  

THANK YOU!!  Ava James & Gaille & Talia Johnstone for your April sponsorship of Sunny:)
Thank you Margo Polk & Vyse Family For your May Sponsorship of Sunny:)

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Prince Cameron, affectionately known as "PC" is one of our most beloved school horses.  Gentle, kind and forgiving describes this one of a kind horse to a T!  He has done it all; hunters, equitation, and even jumpers!  He would jump the moon if you asked him too!  PC has one of the goofiest personalities in the barn, often showing off his "smile"  and winning over everyone's hearts.  He is the best at building confidence in the rider and placing a smile on their faces each and every time.  

THANK YOU!!!   Piper Ellerby & Shiela Munro on your April sponsorship of PC:)
THANK YOU!!!   Piper Ellerby & Feyerer Family  on your May sponsorship of PC:)

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The cutest "cow" in the Parish Ridge string of school horses!  Koda is very well loved in our school barn because he is consistent and trustworthy.  Believe it or not this guy has a surprising show record on the Challenge Series and Trillium Circuit!  He is known under the show name "Optical Illusion" !  You wont find a horse with squarer knees than him.  We love Koda and are so thank full that he (and all his personalities) are a part of our school program.  

THANK YOU!!!  Meghan Allmark & Kherington Leoni for your April Sponsorship of Koda:)
Thank you Vanessa Ellis & Marg McKilop for your sponsorship of Koda in May :)

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This old guy has had an amazing life of horse showing through the years!  Originally imported from Europe as a Jumper Dawson is now in semi retirement,  staying in shape and enjoying all the affection of our many riding school clients.  

THANK YOU!!  Lydia Hill and Stephanie & Judy Steinhauer for your April Sponsorship of Dawson:)
THANK YOU!!  Jessica Steward & Eliyah Southern for your May Sponsorship of Dawson:)

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This mare is absolutely beautiful and stunning!   She is a little girl's dream come true:)  Many of our young riders choose her first when allowed to pick.  Her shinny black coat glistens in the light as she is proudly ridden by all of our little riders. 

THANK YOU!!!!  Eden Kim for your full sponsorship of Bella in April:)
THANK YOU!!! Jennifer Wittig & Sarah Penvidic for your May  Sponsorship of Bella:)

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Also known as "Serendipity" in the show ring.  This little mare is a beautiful hacker with an amazing jump, and the sweetest demeanour.  When she  isn't showing, she's teaching multiple different riders the foundations of flat work, taking them over their first jump, and coursing around our more experienced riders.  Stella's patience is unmatchable and we love her very much!!

THANK YOU!!! Bartholomew Family & Jo Fallon for your April sponsorship of Stella:)
Thank you Jo Fallon for your May full sponsorship of Stella:)

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THANK YOU!!! Marg McKilop & Hussein for your April Sponsorship of Jake:)
THANK YOU!!! Leanne Roy & Talia Stolar for your May Sponsorship of Jake:)

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Did you know that Carter is one of three brothers here at Parish Ridge?  He is full brother to Helios and part brother to PC.  Carter is known as being the gentle giant.  Don't let his size fool you, this sweet angel would never hurt a fly!  Carter is known as one of the most comfortable horses in our barn.  Pampering his riders with a smooth ride each and every time:)  Affectionate, charming and docile are just a few words to describe the amazing Carter!!

THANK YOU!!!  Karen Hobbs & Sydney Feagan for your April Sponsorship of Carter:)
THANK YOU!!!   Wendy & Sarah Cox & Sydney Feagan for your May Sponsorship of Carter:)

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Known as "Unbelievable" in the show ring!  This mare is truly unbelievable in every way.  Now retired from the show ring she spends her days babysitting our new little riders on the lunge line.  She always keeps it safe and takes her responsibility of precious cargo seriously.  She is the Mother Teresa  of ponies.  Parish Ridge wouldn't be the same without her.

THANK YOU!!! Talia Stolar  & Margo Polk for your April Sponsorship of Pony:)
THANK YOU!!! Lindsay Beaupre  & Mary Saunders  for your May Sponsorship of Pony:)

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Tiki is such a special little pony to so many different people.  He started his life owned by a Mennonite Family and was later bought by James and Natalie as a project pony.  Over the years Tiki has helped bring forward many riders who have gone on to be incredibly competitive riders in the horse world.  

Thank you Savannah Tuck for your May Sponsorship of TIKI:)

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Beau as he is known around the barn was a successful race horse who retired on a win at Woodbine as a seven year old!! He was purchased originally by James for Natalie to get her back in the saddle after their second child Elizabeth.  Beau was a very successful part of the Parish Ridge show team many seasons on the Central West Trillium Circuit!!  Beau is now retired at Parish Ridge where he enjoys his time playing with his friends in the paddock and being loved by all his special riders:) 

Thank you  Nathalie Boal & Vanessa Ellis for your May Sponsorship of Beau:)

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